After a visit to a beautiful gym we started to meet everybody who is speaking at the conference. It’s very nice to see that everybody is using the same words about learning, development, HR and value. It gives you the feeling that you are working in a global playing field. However, when you take a deep dive with your co-presenters you get another perspective. Are we really talking about the same approach and do we mean the same when we talk about learning & development? Let’s take an example: the word impact. We spoke with Bob Pike and he’s using the word impact to explain the impact of the learning itself. How well is a trainer performing and how did the participants react? Wei Wang of the global ATD-organization was pointing out the impact of the (pre-)conference when she was talking about the word impact. When we had a meeting with Emma Weber she was talking about the transfer of learning when she talked about the impact of learning. All experts in the same workfield talking about different aspects of impact. When we spoke to Jack & Patti Phillips they used the word impact to prove the business impact of the learning/program. So… How universal is our language? How well do we understand each other? How difficult can it be to understand your counterpart or client? We had the same experience when we tried to reach the impact of our program with ABN AMRO. How could we bridge the differences in language between their leadership language and our Multiplier language? What impact could we prove with our program but also: what impact does ABN AMRO wants to show to their internal stakeholders? A world to discover together. Co-creation to achieve the desired impact. Patti Phillips pronounced it probably the best way today: “It’s their way of doing and so it’s the right way of doing it.”