Today was the grand finale…. All experiences from the last three days, all the directions set on stage, all the cultural aspects I enjoyed could come together in my key-note session. Hearing all the previous speakers and experiencing all previous questions and challenges big organizations have made, one thing is really clear: HR is relevant, also or even more for the future. But then the paradigm has to shift to Human Capital instead of resources. And the Human Capital proposition is where the business is. Bringing HR in the business or the other way around. So how does this fit with our proposition on leadership & business impact? Excellent, right on spot, just what’s needed but not very much done so far. Our story and experience with our case attracted a lot of people. And why?

As Jack Phillips mentioned: the no. 1 reason for a learning program to fail: lack of business alignment. Actions a Learning Leader should take: lead the learning function for value.

As the Minister of HR of Malaysia points out: People first, performance now!

As Dennis Cheese likes to point out: Content is king but leading your context is kingdom!

And also: only 15% of the business leaders think that HR provides enough insightful information.

Or as Wei Wang (ATD) is sharing with us: linking learning to performance is the no. 1 trending topic globally (as they invested). Where frontline leadership & closing skill gaps following.

To go short: we’re right on spot if you look at our case we put together thanks to all our colleagues, the Multiplier Team but most of all: our customer who wanted and dare to go this path…. Business Impact & Leadership Development. We’ve showing the missing link.

Bringing a movement from and to….
From L&D priority to Business priority
From guesses to metrics
From prescription to user choice
From formal to social
From delayed to just in time
From feasts to bite sized
From measure volume to measure value…

Will you join?