ATD 2016. Back again. The biggest conference in the world about Learning & Development. Loads of professionals gathering to learn, meet, experience and getting inspired. The L&D world has it’s own rock stars. And they’re there. To speech, teach, learn and spreading out their models, believes, insights and experience. I feel so lucky being a part of that temporarily L&D epic center of the world.

Last year it was my first experience being a speaker. Not knowing how many people would be interested in developing leaders & accelerating the business. And now, 1 year later, I must say we’re really on to something. Organizations are facing lots of challenges which can’t be solved with current organization structures and hierarchic performance management.

Agility seems to be a hype. It’s not. It’s the permanent flow of new challenges for an organization and it’s people. Agility is a state of mind, a way of working nowadays. Getting the best out of your people is not just an HR topic anymore. It’s the way to survive and find solutions for a question nobody had an answer to yet. Mindset in a close collaboration with skillset is part of a toolbox to accelerate agility and performance. At this year’s ATD we’re going to move the people attending our session. Giving them some insights and help the people in the room to close the gap of Bersin’s leadership gaps:

  • Only 14% of the companies are happy with their succession planning
  • Only 13% believe they’re doing excellent at building global leaders
  • Only 7% have figured out how to build millennial leadersCan we provide our audience some mind- and skillsets to close the gap? At least a little bit? I think we can. I think we’re going to do this on Monday and Tuesday. Just giving the people some insights about unintentionally being an Accidental Diminisher for your (agile) team. Leaders who set the pace, with the intention of drawing others into the race, but others just become spectators. Leaders overflowing with ideas – their intention is to stimulate ideas in others, the unintended outcome – they shutdown other people’s ideas and create confusion. Let’s go for it. Denver 2016. I am really proud to be on stage with two brilliant partners in this leadership “crime”: Hazel Jackson and Liz Wiseman.