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The Cirkel of Trust

How do you create a cirkel of trust? I was inspired by Simon Sinek, who took a biological exit during his keynote at the ATD. Let’s see how this works in our body. We all have a system of rewards and bonus inside our body. Great leaders know how to affect 4 different types of chemicals […]

Will it be the same or not?

Today was the grand finale…. All experiences from the last three days, all the directions set on stage, all the cultural aspects I enjoyed could come together in my key-note session. Hearing all the previous speakers and experiencing all previous questions and challenges big organizations have made, one thing is really clear: HR is relevant, […]

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70-20-10 in Malaysia…

Today the conference really started. The Minister of HR of Malaysia was present to open the IFTDO conference. It’s remarkable and nice when a country has a Minister of HR. It says something about the topic. You think it’s really important and it also says something about the stretch Malaysia wants to make on this […]

The preperation is done. Time for the pre-work!

After a visit to a beautiful gym we started to meet everybody who is speaking at the conference. It’s very nice to see that everybody is using the same words about learning, development, HR and value. It gives you the feeling that you are working in a global playing field. However, when you take a […]